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FT Floor Tree

The FT (Floor Tree) series is a comprehensive set of items needed to create a Christmas tree. A large floor-standing Christmas tree, Natale-coordinated ornaments, and illumination, this luxurious set is filled with Natale's world view.

Nude Tree

Use your imagination and creativity to add individuality to your tree and create your own special tree.

Decoration Tree

This tree can be decorated straight out of the box. Beautifully decorated by craftsmen.

Shiny Tree

This kit can be enjoyed as a DIY project. Includes all the ornaments you need.


FT Nude Tree

Main body:W105cm x H210cm, stand W56cm x H17cm, 6.5 kg


Artificial Tree

Artificial trees are standard Christmas trees with a sophisticated, slim design. Its clean form harmonizes with the space and makes a beautiful accent.



The leaves (film) have a matte texture and are colored one by one in a fantastic original jade green (blue-green). This vibrant hue gives the tree its own unique charm, creating a serene Christmas atmosphere.


Assembly type

The tree is a split-assembly system and can be easily assembled.


Set content

FT Christmas tree x 1

LED illumination x 1

Ornament set × 1

Christmas tree making guide x 1

FT storage box x 1

LED wire illumination

otal length 20m, 10cm between balls, 100g, champagne gold


LED wire illumination

Thin LED wires beautifully illuminate the tree without interfering with decorations. Power can be supplied from a mobile battery, USB port, 


Ornament set 1

Jessica & Glass ball


about Jessica set

Natale's iconic ribbon and glass ball Christmas tree, the "Jessica Tree.

Natale's original ribbon ornament Jessica and glass ball Silky create a lovely and classic look.Natale's basic style, "Jessica Tree," is a simple, yet emotionally rich and pleasing addition to any space. Enjoy the warmth of the lights and the heartwarming atmosphere of Christmas.


Jessica Polkadot

This polka dot Jessica has a classic, monotone look. The daintiness of the chiffon and the smooth, soft touch and deep luster of the elegant velour, and then the black and white Silky add a gentle tone to the entire tree. 


Jessica Stripe

This striped Jessica is made of navy and off-white knit fabric. The classic and impactful look of the stripes will make your tree look chic and cool.


Jessica Eyeletlace

The eyelet lace is a lovely contrast of pale pink cotton lace and heavy velour, adding to the charm of the ornament. Natale's basic style, "Jessica Tree," is a simple, yet emotionally rich, and coordinated piece. 

Ornament set 2

​Fluffy & Glass ball

about Fluffy set

Soft fur balls and elegant glass balls interweave to create a simple and beautiful Fluffy tree.


The Natale original design Fur Ball "Fluffy" and the Glass Ball "Shiny" are simply coordinated. Fluffy adds elegance and soft charm to the tree with its soft texture and sophisticated colors.


Fluffy marshmallow

Its marshmallow-like loveliness is reminiscent of a snowy landscape, contrasted with the shabby chic glow of Shiny to create a beautiful space.


Fluffy franboise

The raspberry Fluffy and matte Silky add a gentle tone to the entire tree. The black Silky at the point pulls the whole thing together, creating an elegant atmosphere that is not only sweet.


Fluffy Chocolat

The chocolaty Fluffy and gold Shiny coordinate to bring warmth, richness, and glamour to the Christmas season.


Ornament set 3

Shiny Only

about Shiny set

Like in a dream, the simple yet jewel-like sparkling Christmas tree, coordinated only with glass balls "Shiny," creates a magical space. You can buy ornaments little by little, or make your can enjoy more unique arrangements.