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Everyday is the Festive Season
with Natale


Christmas trees are an infinite world that varies from person to person. The direction of the branches and leaves can be different, and the shape of the finished tree can also vary to an interesting degree.


And when I put the ornaments out for the first time in a year, I think, "I bought those ornaments back then! I had such an ornament! It is one of the joys of looking back on happy memories at the end of the year.  Making a Christmas tree is like making a little object. The tree that is put up every year is transformed into a petit sculptor at this time of year, and the time spent "making the tree" can be enjoyed as a time of enjoyment. The more you make a Christmas tree, the more your dreams will expand, and it is a world of creativity.


With this in mind, Natale specializes in the design and production of Christmas decorations and trees, from large trees to ornaments.  Natale's Christmas world is glamorous and romantic. Of course, we also love beautiful classic style trees, ornaments, and decorations.  We hope to bring you ideas, trees, and ornaments that will make your Christmas season even more wonderful and fun.




Kaori Ikeda

​Designer and Christmas tree decorator

​​Independent as a graphic designer in 2016, founded Franna Co. Since 2010, she has been holding Christmas ornament workshops for 150 children every year in cooperation with the government and private companies.teaching them the joys of Christmas and the fun of making things.


Major Works

Yebisu Garden Place (Tokyo Ebisu)

Grand Tokyo South Tower (Tokyo Tokyo)

Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore (Tokyo Daikanyama)

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (Tokyo Urakucho)



​Nihon TV x NETFLIX "Documentary:Creator's Space"

Nikkei MJ (newspaper)

VOGUE Japan, etc.

The Beginning of a Christmas Tree Artist

My journey to becoming a Christmas tree artist began when I was given a set of Christmas ornaments from my mother's collection.


My mother may seem unassuming, but she is a passionate, powerful, and unique person and my number one fan. My father took my sisters and I to the US for a month to show us the wilderness. As a child, I wondered why wilderness? I thought, "Why the wilderness?" but now I realize that the spectacular scenery and the air was one of the elements that made me who I am.


I was raised by such parents, and the first Christmas tree I "made" was when I was in elementary school. Under my mother's direction, my sisters and I folded more than 100 origami cranes with chiyogami and decorated our fir tree. She was so thorough that she even started by cutting the chiyogami to fit the size of the fir tree. When it was completed, my mother was very happy and said, "Japanese style Christmas! but I remember how exhausted my sisters and I were after folding cranes for days on end.


When I was an impressionable student, making Christmas trees and collecting ornaments were my secret hobbies. The reason was that my impression was maidenly and embarrassing. Unlike today, when there was no such word as "diversity" or amazon, I collected ornaments from different countries, researched cultures, and often went to the U.S. during the Christmas season, where the Christmas mood was overflowing. Inspired by the decorations in New York at that time, I began to search for my own Christmas tree.


I am the designer who designs the ornaments and comes up with the coordination. I am the decorator who decorates them. There I am also inspired by the beautiful ornaments that someone else has made. I can't stop thinking, "What will happen if we combine them together? I can't stop being excited when I think about it. Through this process, I became a tree artist.


The good thing about Christmas in Japan is that it is a seasonal tradition that transcends religious beliefs and can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. Decorating the tree is a tool of "fun things" that connects people close to you. We believe that the Christmas tree is one of the symbols of happiness that reaffirms affluence and happiness in the cold winter, and we hope that Natale's trees and ornaments will become one of the tools that add color to joyful moments. We spend a whole year making Christmas trees "with love."

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